Friday, December 18, 2009

Mercury fillings debate

Those of you who follow my examiner articles will know that I recently wrote about the safety of amalgam fillings. This article started off a firing of anti-amalgam comments and even hate mail. While I understand that people would be passionate about safety the lack of intelligence of these commentators astounds me. Each comment is a personal anecdote and is usually punctuated by ad hominem attacks one my intelligence. For example Marie Flowers said "this is one of the most ignorant articles I have ever read on amalgam fillings." All I did was present what the FDA and ADA said. I also used the wonderful article at Quackwatch to fill in about the other side. Said Marie Flowers also recommended, which is when I realized that she was not only against mercury fillings, but is an anti-vaccer. This load of crap is right up there with anything else that the anti-vac people come out with. For example on the website they have good old Alex Jones! From the wonderfully wacky Whats Alex talking about today? Oh yeah, vaccines, flu shots, autism, and Alzheimer's. In the same video. BAH!


  1. Don't forget to read the report I have from the FDA hearings where you can actually link to the testimonies of people poisoned from mercury. This includes dental assistants and also dentists who have been affected. These links go to the FDA website. You can read where the Advisory Panel voted twice 13 to 7 against the FDA's safety report.

    Forget Alex Jones. Just read the links to the FDA hearings and you will find out what actually went on. The FDA does not report to the public what happened. You have to be there to find out.

    Vaccines with mercury poison just like dental fillings---in some people who do no excrete mercury readily.

    Marie Flowers

  2. @ Marie Flowers,
    here is my problem with what you are saying. Yes, mercury is a toxin. Methylmercury is highly toxic but it's method of ingestion is usually through the stomach by eating fish. Elemental mercury, like the type in the fillings is first off, not as toxic to the human body. Our bodies know how to deal with Elemental mercury far better than methyl. Second, it is a metal that bonds well with other metals like those that are used in fillings. With the mercury in fillings bonded to other metals the compound is stable and does not harm the person with the fillings.

    Regarding the dental assistants and dentists. The amount of Elemental mercury that they are exposed to while doing there jobs is what is dangerous. The testimony of the DA's and DMD's to the FDA is why the classification got changed to class II. The warnings and control's that the FDA and ADA support for amalgam fillings are primarily to protect the dentist that handles the metals regularly. This is it is the repeated exposure to significantly higher levels of mercury, moreover mercury that is not bound into a stable compound yet, that is the danger.

    If you want people to 'forget Alex Jones' then why is he on the website? Also, regarding vaccines and mercury. Here is the deal, the amount of mercury in any given vaccine or even a series of vaccines is significantly below the levels that are safe for human consumption. If people are that worried about mercury levels then why are you not campaigning against fish as well? Fish has significant level's of methylmercury which exceed the amount you could possibly get in vaccines or fillings and is the most toxic variety.

    Halley DeLay