Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Freaking homeopaths!

So I know it has been a long long while since I have blogged on here and I am sorry for that but I am back with a vengeance! It is time for the homeopath complaint saga to begin I am afraid. See I was poking around the inter webs as I do when I have nothing better to do and I found some homeopaths in Portland's websites. First thing to do? Look at what they claim to treat of course. I found cancer claims everywhere it was crazy! So I poked around some more and found the FTC Complaints website. (found here) and have submitted my first complaint.

So what do you need to submit a complaint? It's quite easy actually - get the name of the company, the address, phone and email, website URL, and what you are complaining about. It only takes like 5 min total and poof it is there. Not sure what happens next though. I will have to wait and see really but I hope it does something. Have one other site I am debating on reporting, I may just wait to see what happens with the homeopath.

I have a PDF of my complaint if anyone is interested - email me

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