Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Homeopathy nonsense again

Lacking much time to really rant about this right now I will just share the disgusting story I got with my google alert on Homeopathy. Lacking time to go into the article its self I just wanted to comment on the last of the comments left by one Sonya McLeod the article's author:
Here's a novel idea......why don't you actually try homeopathy to see if it works. If it's just placebo, like all the doubters say, then there's no harm in trying it. Experience is the best teacher. After getting a bruise, try taking some homeopathic Arnica pills in a high potency like a 1M potency, a few times in 24 hours. I guarantee you that the bruise will be gone in 24 hours. If you are all so fanatical about science and think it has all the answers then you will be more than happy to conduct this little science experiment.
This pains me in so many ways. First off, I have tried homeopathy, just to see if it works. In fact I have tried the very pills she recommends with no success what so ever. My bruises stayed around just as long as normal. I also tried the pain relief and the sleep aids also with no effect what so ever. Seriously Sonya, no harm at all? I beg to differ. People dying because of the quackery you are spouting off is hardly no harm done. While no, my bruises and back pain is hardly life threatening people have forgone medicine to the point of death. Which in my opinion is quite a lot of harm. That doesn't even bring up the parents who have used homeopathy to 'treat' their children with the result that the child dies. All with no harm done to the homeopath that 'prescribed' the so called medicine. Death's are harm done in my book, perhaps not in a homeopaths.

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